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Finally, a holiday! After the long battle with finals I haven't had the chance to unwind--the new semester started right away, so it's really great to finally have some free time. The holiday lasts for 6 days. On April 17-19 my friends and I went for a short vacation to Zurich. We have planned this vacation for a long time. We were like, "Let's go somewhere after finals!!" "But...we only have 3 days after the last exam and then the new semester begins" "Hm, okay let's go on Easter holiday then!". We wanted to go to Barcelona, but the plane tickets were too expensive on Easter. Thankfully we can go to Zurich by bus and it only costs 15 Euro! Including a free ferry ride across Lake Konstanz!

In general, Zurich was incredible! Definitely one of the cities I would want to live in...if not for the insanely high prices. Take strawberries, in this time of year a 500-g pack of strawberries in Munich would cost at about €1-2, in one of the supermarkets in Zurich they cost about 7 francs!! That's like.... €6! So how, you ask, did we survive in Zurich? Well..each one of us did a little grocery shopping before the trip so by the time we arrived at our rented apartment, we had more than enough food!

 The ferry ride across Bodensee (Lake Konstanz)

A look to our rented apartment. I was surprised at how nice it was! We were looking for accomodation in Zurich and they were all really pricey, like, €30 for a bed on 8-bed dorms. Then I found this website airbnb where people rent their apartments and got this one for only €60 per night, which means, €15 per person! And we got heating, kitchen, wifi, and also a chance to enjoy espresso from the fancy Nespresso machine!

 A note left for us by the apartment owner :)

 Enjoying a cup of espresso from those fancy Nespresso machines (which I can't buy for myself)

The weather was really good on the first day of our trip. We took a stroll down Lake Zurich and the surroundings!

This original Sprüngli café, of Lindt & Sprüngli

Lake Zurich, as viewed from Bürkliplatz

A glance of Zurich Old Town

Grössmünster Church


Zurich Central Station

The next day we went for a day trip to Rhine Falls, Europe's biggest waterfall. The weather forecast showed it was gonna rain so the night before we were having a hard time deciding whether we would go to Lucerne, a city near Zurich, or the Rhine. But in the end we decided the Rhine, since visiting another city, though great, would be, you know, just another city--churches, old buildings, etc. The journey to Rhine Falls took only about 45 minutes with train. We bought a day pass which, I think, our biggest expense for this whole trip, aside from accommodation and transport.

Yes, Rhine Falls didn't disappoint.


For the last day we decided we would leave the apartment early and explore the city for a while, then go back to the apartment and clean up a little bit. We went to some places we weren't able to visit the first day, like the ETH Zurich complex and the Zurich Opera House.

Stumbled upon this display on the Sprüngli shop..I don't think I'll be able to eat this

So here's the ETH Zurich complex. For all of you that don't know, ETH Zurich is one of Europe's best university (I hate to say this but it's even better than TUM!!) It currently ranks 12th worldwide. I'm dying for a chance to do an exchange or my Master's degree here...but now that I know how expensive Zurich is...I'm gonna have to think twice.

Zurich Zoology Museum. Zurich has so many museums with free admission it's a shame I only knew that on the last day!

A view of Zurich taken from the ETH Complex

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Posted on Tuesday, April 22, 2014



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