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So we're currently on the first half of the December, which means 2015 is just two weeks away.

First off, due to the hectic schedule this 3rd Semester I don't think I'm gonna have time to do the whole Golden Thumb Awards charades this year (not that anyone cares), with all the photoshopping and browsing for pictures so I think I'll keep it simple and write it in a post, some time next year, if I had the time to finish watching all the TV shows/movies.

About four months ago I started writing a journal daily. No, not the "Dear diary" kind, more like, short entries or bullet points about what happened that day, just to keep track of the important things because frankly,  I can't really remember things that happened, say, in January 2014. Guess I'm getting old :p. As a way to commemorate the big things that happened to me this year I'd like to start making an annual Milestones list, you know how I like making lists. So here goes: 
  1. I traveled! One of the many perks of studying in Europe is the chance to travel. There are too many travel destinations than there is time. A few of the places I visit this year: Italy (Naples, Florence, Rome, Bologna), Zurich, Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Cologne, Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb. I'm going on a East Europe trip this Christmas/New Year! Each city I visited has left such a memorable mark. Hopefully I'll always be able to remind myself that my first priority here is to study and not being a backpacker.
  2. I got a job! This is also a big milestone because this job I have right now is my first job and it introduces me to the working world. All my life I've known only fellow students and the struggles of studying and doing homework but through my job I get to know my fellow colleagues with diverse backgrounds and learn the hard way that, making money is hard! It has also taught me to spend my hard-earned money wisely. I'm glad to say that I could finance most of my backpacking trips myself :)
  3. Uni got harder! This is so painfully true, I think first semester was designed to ease the transition from school to uni so there wasn't many things to do. But as the year progressed the subjects got more difficult and there are more things to learn, good thing I find they're all interesting. This semester I have Biochemistry lab every week, in which there's an oral exam before the experiment and I have to submit a written lab report every week--all in German. It's overwhelming, mostly due to my lousy German, but the themes are always exciting--measuring the protein content, enzyme activities, etc.--so at least I know I'm not in the wrong major.
  4. Failed an exam. Of course this is not a good news, but I think this is also worth remembering. Maybe this is God's way to remind me to always remember that everything that I achieved never comes from my abilities but solely from God. I have to retake the test this February, am scared, of course, pray for me :)
  5. Managed to host a dinner for 8 people!! This may sound meh but to me this is quite a big achievement since I can barely cook food for myself let alone other people. Granted, it's only Nasi Goreng and Sop Merah, but I'm glad my friends liked them and didn't get food poisoning after eating them!
  6. Went to my church's retreat. My church in Munich is a part of the GRII churches worldwide and in total there are 4 other branches in Europe (Berlin, Hamburg, Bern, Stockholm). Together they held a retreat back in May and I feel very privileged to be able to attend, learned so much stuffs there and met new people who share the same beliefs as I do. 
  7. Watched a real concert. Concert experience is AMAZING. Really grateful that OneRepublic was my first band I saw live since they were incredible. If all goes according to plan I'm gonna watch Maroon 5 next year! 
  8. Watched dubbed movies. Out of curiosity (and peer pressure) I finally watched a movie dubbed in German at the cinema. It was horrible. Would never do it again if possible. But an experience, nonetheless.
  9. Renewed my passion for reading. Thanks to my Tolino I read quite a lot of books this year.
  10. Learned that at this point of life, friends come and go and sometimes it's okay to be alone. During my time in Germany I met a lot of people, a couple of them went on to be my good friends. Sadly for many reasons they had to go back to Indo or move to another city and the cycle starts again. I was pretty bummed when my first good friend here in Germany had to leave the city since I'm gonna be alone again and had to search for people I really connect with again. But I guess after a couple of friends leaving I kinda accepted that, well, life happens. Not all of your friends could be like the friends in high school, where you meet them everyday and you do everything together. Sometimes you meet them, sometimes you lose them, you may not talk to each other everyday but that doesn't mean they're less a friend. I learned to be okay if your friends moved away, and to not feel insecure doing stuff or going places alone. There so much more I can do than just bitching around about these kinds of things.
So, I guess for the sake of rounding it up I'll stop at 10. Let's hope 2015 will bring many more adventures and milestones to reach!


    Posted on Sunday, December 14, 2014

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    If you're following me on Instagram or Facebook you may have known that I watched OneRepublic concert recently (three weeks ago, to be precise).
    It was my first concert experience. I've never been able to watch concerts in Indo since, first off, I live in Surabaya and my parents would freak out if I spend my money away on plane tickets only to watch a concert. And then there's also the matter of see how "excited" Indo fans can be with all their excessive grabbing and screaming and stuff so I preferred not to go.
    But, I finally got the chance to study overseas, in a country like Germany, where so many opportunities are available for cultural stuffs like this. So, when the opportunity presents itself (as in: there's a concert from a band I love in a city where my friend lives so I don't have to pay for accommodation), I was like, "YES I don't care if it's six month from now I will go and buy the tickets". Good thing OneRepublic was my first concert (which, I'm surely gonna remember for a long long time) 'cause they were SO awesome.
    Like, I have always been a fan of OneRepublic before, I'm familiar with a couple of their songs, and I've always admired Ryan Tedder, but after seeing them live, it made me love them even more. They sound incredible live, and in the age of Autotuning and EDM and all that shit they managed to still create awesome material using cellos and violas and glockenspiel. Now that's what I call genius.
    Moreover, I used to focus only on Ryan, since, well, he's so dominant in music videos and in live performances, and he's also the frontman. But after seeing them on stage, I began taking interest on this quiet bassist who's a wizard with his cello, Brent Kutzle. He somehow oozes awesomeness whenever he works that cello. And I know some people may not agree with this but I find him attractive, in a quiet-serious-but-hot-and-whimsically-hilarious kind of way. I guess that expression of his when he plays the cello just adds to his attractiveness. Plus I was standing pretty near him at the concert so...

    As an aftermath of the concert I began viewing more OneRepublic's live performances, now focusing more on Brent, and found these couple videos that I found really showcases his skills (granted, Ryan's voice may not sound the best in couple of videos but I was focusing more on Brent's cello playing ;p)

    One thing for sure, I'll be watching them when they do come here again.

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    Posted on Tuesday, November 18, 2014

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    One more week to go!! 


    Posted on Friday, November 14, 2014

    Hello Hvratska / 2 comments (+)

    My finals are finally over and I'm currently in my 3rd Semester! Yay? Not sure if I want to graduate Uni that early because then I'll have to start thinking about future and stuff :(

    After the finals I only had 4 days of break before starting the new semester. My friend Yosevine suggested we go to Croatia since we both LOVE Game of Thrones, and whaddaya know, they were filming for season 5! I asked my friend from Uni, Katerina, to come join and after an impromptu preparation we took the night bus from Munich to Split on October 2! 

    The bus ride from Munich to Split took about 16 hours, then we went around Split for only 3 hours or so before riding another bus to Dubrovnik for 5 hours. So in total we spent 21 hours in a bus on the first day, but once we saw the was worth it. 

    As I've mentioned above, this post contains an overwhelming amount of photos. Sorry but I can't help to take tons of pictures. Throughout the post I'll also be featuring some of Game of Thrones filming locations and the scene they filmed there.

    The old town of Split and Dubrovnik are covered with marble tiles and they glisten at night! What a wonderful sight.

    Diocletian's Palace, Split

    Diocletian's Palace Cellars

    Riva Promenade

    Once we arrived at Dubrovnik we immediately tried this croatian beer called Ožujsko and whoa they're really delicious! Like, on par or even better than German beers! 

    We stayed for one night in Dubrovnik at this hostel called Villa Angelina. The manager, Mathea, was super nice and friendly. She asked what we were going to see in Dubrovnik and I said, "Well, actually, we're here for the Game of Thrones filming" and then she went on and on to talk about the show! She showed us pictures of the crew filming right outside the hostel, and she introduced us to the show's extras that were on the show earlier that day, they told us about the scene they were filming and I got a little glimpse of what's gonna happen season 5!! She even told us which hotel the cast are staying. We were like, " we go full stalker-fan mode and visit them tomorrow at the hotel?" But at the end we decided against it and went sightseeing instead. 

    The next day started with an amazing breakfast at Cafe Dolce Vita, which, according to Mathea, makes THE best breakfast pancakes in town and whoa they really were incredible!

    Our apartment! :D

    Before heading to breakfast we saw this people loading stuffs on the truck and I immediately thought: "Oh my gosh are they filming todayyyy??!!" But then after breakfast we checked the place again and they were already gone, I guess they're packing up the props and transporting them out of the city.


    St. Dominic's Street

    So the Old Town of Dubrovnik is surrounded by this wall, separating it from the other parts of the city. It's like a miniature version of the Great Wall of China. After lunch we climbed up the wall surrounding the Old Town. It was exhausting but definitely worth it.



    Thanks to Croatian Kuna, the prices became cheaper compared to Euro so we could afford eating out at restaurants and cafes. For lunch we ate Italian / Seafood at this restaurant called Ragusa 2. Apparently the city's name in the Croatian language is Ragusa. Below was our food, and we even got a free Vermouth as a welcome drink (which I really loved).

    Fort Bokar


    Gradac Park, just outside the Old Town, the venue of Purple Wedding

    Dinner by the harbor at night just before our bus was about to leave for Zagreb!

    The bus ride from Dubrovnik to Zagreb took 11 hours and we spent the night sleeping on the bus, like a real backpacker :p This particular picture above is The Grounded Sun, a part of an art installation in Zagreb called Nine Views, which is a model of the solar system. So all around the city you'll find the planets placed on the exact distance and size ratio from the sun, just like the solar system.

    And one other cool thing about Zagreb: you get a free unlimited wifi at the city centre!

    Zagreb Cathedral

    St. Mark's Cathedral with its uniquely tiled roof

    One museum that caught our attention was this particular museum: Museum of Broken Relationships. I liked the concept and how the exhibits were really easy to understand because it relates to your everyday life. The museum displays common objects donated by the person who just went through broken relationships and each objects holds a story about the each person's relationships.

    Dolac Market, a very lively traditional market at the city's main square

    At the afternoon we rented a bike for about 1 hour and went for a little ride around the lower part of the city (Donji Grad or Lower Town).

    There are lots of nice cafes and hip bars on the streets near Ban Jelacic Square, the city's main square. I like that the cafes are all rounded up in one area so you don't have to go too far if you want to hang out with friends and you can easily go cafe-hopping!.

    Ban Jelačić Square

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